Quite a few readers have asked for an updated review on Syfe’s REIT+ Portfolio after the recent set of changes.

I reviewed Syfe REIT+ about a month or two back and quite liked it, so I figured this updated review made sense.

What is Syfe REIT+

To summarise my original review (you can read it in full below), Syfe REIT+ basically works like a REIT ETF, with heavy exposure to Singapore REITs. I liked it because existing REIT ETFs in Singapore have horrible liquidity with large bid-asks spreads, so Syfe REIT+ sidesteps the issues by investing directly in the underlying REITs.

When you need to withdraw your money, Syfe REIT+ will sell the underlying REIT directly (which has good liquidity mostly), so it very cleverly sidesteps the liquidity issue.

Automated Rebalancing

My main beef with Syfe REIT+ though, was the automated rebalancing system.

It’s a bit of a black box, but it looks a lot like a