When Jerry Sim saw the contractor’s sketches, he was hooked: the proposed changes to the interior of his 1,400 sq.ft. unit seemed to practically double it in size. From wood beams taking full advantage of the high ceiling, to the faux stone fireplace, everything radiated the “French cottage” feel that was all the rage at the time (this was in 2009).

He didn’t even bother to source for different quotes, and he knew this was the contractor he wanted. Unfortunately, Jerry didn’t think about the subcontractors the firm worked with; and in the early 2000’s, online reviews of contractors were sparse (some might say they still are).

So Jerry hired the contractor, and work proceeded without any issues until the very end: when he was issued a letter regarding a $10,000 fine from his condo management.

Here’s how it happened:

It started with a 10-second phone call from the