Last month, I participated in an investment-focused webinar together with my friends Stanley Lim (co-founder of investment education portal, Value Invest Asia) and Sudhan P (investment content strategist at the personal finance platform, Seedly). 

The three of us had so much fun talking about stocks and investing during the webinar that we decided to do another one. This time, it was for Season 2, Episode 5, of the Seedly TV series! The title of the episode is: Picking Winning Stocks. It was hosted by Clara Ng (Seedly’s Community Manager) and was streamed live on 13 May 2020 at 8pm.

We – Clara, Stanley, Sudhan, and myself – had a wonderful chat during the episode. Our discussion included the following topics and questions from viewers:

How Stanley, Sudhan, and myself first got to know each otherA really fun rapid fire Q&A about our personal livesWhy it’s important to accept that volatility is