Pushpay Holdings (ASX:PPH) may not be a company that rings a bell with many investors but it certainly warrants some attention.

The little-known software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, which is dual-listed in Australia and New Zealand’s stock markets, has seen its share price rise by around 300% since 2016. That’s a really strong performance.

In this article, I use my blogging partner Ser Jing’s six-point investment framework to assess if Pushpay has the makings of a good investment.

1. Is Pushpay’s revenue small in relation to a large and/or growing market, or is its revenue large in a fast-growing market?

Pushpay operates in an extremely niche market.

It provides churches and non-profit organisations with the tools to create an app to engage their communities. Customers use Pushpay to customise the design and feel of their app-interface. Customers can also communicate with their community members through the app by posting videos, audios