I officially joined Mediavine as a publisher on Apr 26, 2020 and I have never looked back since. Medivine met my expectations throughout the on-boarding process and having their ads go ‘live’ on my blog. Needless to say, joining Mediavine was everything I looked forward to, and then some more.

It would be easy to categorize Mediavine as just another ad network but they are much more than that. In a nutshell, Mediavine offers full service ad management including display ad optimization, video monetization and sponsored influencer marketing.

To keep things simple, especially when I’m geographically located on the opposite side of the globe in Singapore (and therefore, a lot of what they offer aren’t applicable), I am purely using Mediavine for ad management.

In my earlier post detailing my personal finance situation, I touched on how I’m strengthening my alternative income sources and one area I was working on is to qualify