One of the two property questions I received these days is whether we can buy properties now. There are 3 reasons why people ask this question:

1) They are buying for personal reasons;
2) They think it’s time to buy now; or
3) They are looking for an investment.

By answering their burning question, I will also clarify the following in this video:

1. What is the safest property to buy at this moment?
2. What criteria you should set now when buying a private home for your own stay?
3. Why this time the crisis is very different from the previous ones?
4. Which group of people can say any time is a good time for them to buy?
5. Who are still buying up financial assets these days and holding up their prices?
6. What are the 4 important lessons we learned from negative oil prices?
7. What type of property you really can’t buy now and