SIA did a Rights Issue of Rights Shares and Rights MCBs. I am not vested but because so many friend are asking, I thought I should share on these.

RIGHTS SHARESBased on the Record Date (5 May, 5pm), for every 2 SIA shares, you will get 3 rights shares. If you have 1,000 SIA shares, you will be alloted 1,500 rights shares. You can check your online CDP account if you are unsure.

These rights shares are re-nounceable. This means that they can be traded from now till 21 May 2020, 5pm. The symbol for the rights share is “LRDR”, under the name “SIA R”.

As the issue price of the one rights share is $3, the price of the rights share is affected by the price of SIA shares. Due to market efficiency, the formulae for price of rights issue is: Price of rights issue = price of SIA share – $3For example: