There wasn’t much changes to my portfolio in April since market continued upwards for 2 months now despite everything bad that is happening. Yet, most of my holdings didn’t recover to pre-COVID prices and hovered around the halfway mark. So I’m in a dilemma on whether to average down with my limited capital or keep waiting for a crash.

Let me first go through my portfolio..

For SGX listed equities:
  • Averaged down on Sasseur REIT at $0.57

  • Sold Sasseur REIT in my CPF at $0.63

  • Sold MCT at $1.78

My trades may seem kinda irrational as I wasn’t sure how market would react to reduced DPU considering the popularity of dividend investing. On top of that, infection rate sped up, circuit breaker extended which left retail to suffer further. In the end, market’s reaction was pretty mild and passive just like how dividend investing was