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Components of Passive Income
By A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)  •  May 19, 2020
According to Wikipedia, "Passive income is income resulting from cashflow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to little effort by the recipient to maintain it."
It is a source of income that most people in this world strives to achieve because of the attributes that I will be going through below.
Almost few people to none started off with having passive income as their first main source of income but this should become each and every single individual's first choice source of income in the years to come.
Here, we'll go through some of the components and traits of passive income and dissect why it is so special.

Component 1: High Effort Now, Low Effort Later
If you re-read the definition of passive income from Wikipedia in my opening paragraph, the key word that stands out is "minimal to little...
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By A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)
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