Hone your critical thinking skills
By Side Hustle Rich  •  May 19, 2020
Critical thinking is often associated with philosophy, but it is very simply the ability to analyse all facts available to form a judgement. It sounds tiresome, and can be, but anyone can be trained to think things through in a much more systematic manner, and gain a more sound judgement about things that matter to them. Simply put, critical thinking is the ability to deliberately and systematically process information, to understand a subject matter more fully, and make better decisions.

Benefits of Critical Thinking

So how does critical thinking help the non philosophical average Joe? It is actually an important life-skill to cultivate, and it has immense benefits outside of making you seem immediately smarter.

Ability to problem solve

Critical thinkers are also problem solvers. When you have a good framework upon which to look into problems, you’re more likely than others to come up with not only a solution,...
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By Side Hustle Rich
I’m Richard, creator of SideHustleRich. I created this site to journal my experiments, experiences and thoughts on working up multiple streams of income, in an attempt to achieve financial independence. I’m a happily married man and a father to two young boys. I don’t believe in working until i’m 65, maybe enjoy 5 years of retirement before starting to ache all over from basically growing old and tired.

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