Not too long ago, I signed up for the SYFE robo-advisor’s REIT+ portfolio (tracking SGX iEdge S-REIT 20 index) and invested a little money. I have yet to post my review of SYFE robo-advisor because I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. (no referral code for you haha) No rush for such things as many bloggers have written on it and there is enough information out floating there. Having said that, I’m thinking of how else I can value-add and provide little useful resources in addition to what has been said and written. Just yesterday, KPO came up with an excellent blog update on the SYFE transaction parser. I think he updated his blog three times in two days and it pushed the post downwards. The pain-point came about because robo-advisors typically don’t provide any feature or functionality that allows users to export transactions. Just to be clear, I