So you took a couple of online courses and learned to draw or take photos really well.

Or you’ve decided to go pro with your baking and want to turn it into a legit side hustle.

Mr Krabs I Like Money
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However, you don’t have the capital to open a shop and you’re not planning to hire 50 workers to help you bake cookies and cakes either.

So how?

Well… why not start a home-based business from your HDB flat or private residence?

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business

Seedly Home Based Business Guide

When it comes to setting up your own home-based business, you don’t need a license to do so.

BUT, there are a few guidelines that you have to adhere to:

Criteria for Home-Based Businesses Guidelines
Business Address HDB flat addresses cannot be registered as a business address BUT private residences can be registered