Go on and take a swipe at the some of the Financial Advisers you met.

We get the many stereotypes towards Financial Advisers, but for most of us, insurance is our first introduction to personal finance.

For male Singaporeans, we even started paying for our MINDEF/MHA Group insurance as early as during National Service (NS) days.

Let’s not allow the usual stereotype get in the way of you making smarter financial decisions.

Should I Invest With My Financial Adviser or on My Own?

Invest on your own vs financial adviser

A commonly asked question with regards to investing.

Source: SeedlyCommunity

Insurance companies are partnering with global investment firms to offer more products to consumers.

Along with the advancement in technology and uprising of FinTech, it is also easier for an average Singaporean to invest. We see the need to weigh the pros and cons of both scenarios.