Attended First REIT AGM on 20 May via webcast.

This is also my first AGM via webcast.

1) Not much additional information was been shared
The AGM lasted only around 37 mins.
Majority of the information shared can be found in one of their previous presentation slide.

The good thing is shareholders’ questions are been consolidated into PDF and sent out on 19 May (1 day before the AGM).

2) “We are doing GOOD”
The key message I got from Mr Victor Tan (CEO) during the AGM session is ‘We are doing Good’.

To me, Good = Result is better than last year or at least maintain the same.

Else, for their case, I feel he should say “We need some improvement”.
The only GOOD is their DPU, which maintain at 8.6cents.

I shall let the below AGM slides to do some justification.

3) Top key concern of shareholder

One of