Portfolio Transactions May 2020
By Financial Independence at 35  •  May 21, 2020
Bought: 40 shares of Microsoft at $180 22 shares of Nvidia at $321 3 shares of Amazon at $2293 45 shares of Microsoft at $172 50 shares of Johnson & Johnson at $154 20 shares of Nvidia at $329 All numbers are in USD. As the value of my leveraged portfolio improves, it frees up more cash for me to go and buy stocks. However, it has been harder to find bargains and my more recent trades were done at the peak, and they have come down pretty much immediately after I bought. Always fantastic when that happens. I’ve come to regret selling my Facebook, Nvidia, and Activision Blizzard stocks. Their prices have went up way beyond my expectations since. Knowing when to take profit has always been a struggle for me. I’m starting to think that the best time to sell is never. Selling also sucks because you...
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By Financial Independence at 35
This records my experience of being a 35-year-old who reached financial freedom.

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