This post was originally published on 15 March 2020 but some revisions have been made to include updates from SBS Transit’s annual report FY19. From time to time, I may edit this post should I find any significant changes to the company. To make it simpler for readers, I have denoted the changes with an asterisk ‘*’.

SBS Transit (SGX: S61), previously known as Singapore Bus Services, was established even before I was born and subsequently re-branded in 2001 into the company we know today. Fun fact: Something SBST has in common with their parent company, ComfortDelgro (Singapore’s largest taxi operator), is that SBST is Singapore’s largest bus operator.

At the point of writing, SBS Transit is currently trading at a share price of $2.84 with a P/E ratio of 10.7 and a dividend of 4.2%. So, is it a bargain? Let’s look further.

Price history*

SBST Chart from Yahoo Finance

Investors who had invested in SBST 5 or 10 years ago would have 64% profit gained. As for Year To Date