Listed in 2010, Sunway REIT is a diversified Malaysian REIT with a focus on retail malls. It generally invests in retail and mixed-used assets in high-growth cities and townships. As of June 2019, it owned 17 assets with a total asset value around RM8.1 billion. Its properties are spread across Peninsular Malaysia – mainly in the Klang Valley, Penang, and Ipoh areas.

I took a closer look at Sunway REIT when its share price was near its one-year low at around RM1.54 last month. During that time, Sunway REIT’s dividend yield was about 6.2%, which is higher than the 5.45% dividend yield the Employees Provident Fund posted in 2019.

Here are 15 things to know about Sunway REIT before you invest:

1. Sunway REIT’s retail segment was its major revenue contributor in 2019, followed by the hotel and office segments. Sunway REIT is a retail-focused REIT as the