image779×426 120 KB While trying to determine if I am hitting my S$600/month on my DBS Live Fresh card, I chanced upon this 2 month promotion from the bank (and I really apologize to our readers for not spotting it earlier). You can now get up to $80 / 6.67%cashback from the bank for these two months DBS is offering an additional 5% cashback on online transactions (capped at $20) if you can hit the minimum spending amount of $1000/month for these two months. Evidently, retail spending has been severely hit during this circuit breaker period, and the bank would like to incentivize transactions. It is quite smart of them to choose the e-commerce category, given that this is the only transaction that is really active over this period. This is how you can get the maximum $80 cash back: Spend $400 on e-commerce, get $40 (10%