1M SOR rates has turned negative (https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/banking-finance/singapore-sees-negative-rates-creep-in-with-flush-liquidity). The latest Tbills auction closed near zero yield. As monetary base expand across the developed countries, savers are penalised as the printing of money force down the price and value of money.

Looking at the current environment, some banks provide above average deposit rates:

Hong Leong Bank first 200k = 1.5975%

CIMB first 100k = 1.43% (not stated valid till when)

RHB High Yield first 100k = 1.4125% (not stated valid till when)

Maybank Isavvy first 200k = 1.3%

SCB Esaver first 200k = 1.2%

Out of the 4 malaysian banks, I have 3 accounts with them. They do need a lot of patience to work with. HL bank does not even have a banking app (if you downloaded one, its the Malaysia’s version). Maybank is actually the best among them in terms of online banking, recently improved interface sees them