Movies to Binge-watch and Get You Excited About Personal Finance Staying at home means that we can finally make full use (or over utilised) our video streaming subscription.

Source: mothership Some of us have inevitably turned into a full-time couch potato.

Source: giphy Spending weekends on the couch, binging Netflix, munching on your favourite snack sounds like the ideal life to live in. Should a sense of guilt starts hitting you to do something more productive, we got your back! Here’s a list of finance, money and personal finance related movies you can bing without guilt. Great Movies and Documentaries to About Personal Finance

Source: knowyourmeme Here’s to being a productive couch potato!

Name of Movie or DocumentariesWhere Can You Watch It?     Barbarians at the Gate<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Youtube</a>