“LEASE DECAY”, the ad screams, “DID YOU KNOW YOUR HDB VALUE IS $0 IN THE END, OMG”. It’s probably one of several dozen that you’ve seen on your Facebook feed, or something you’ve had screamed at you by some video ad.

And while we’d be the first to admit those ads are getting to be a bit…extra, there could actually be some grain of truth to it. Which is why it may surprise you that some property buyers are so contrarian, they actually do the opposite: they only want to consider resale properties, or those in advanced stages of lease decay.

These are the people who may actually buy your 40-year old condo or landed property, decades down the road. Here’s what’s going through their minds:

A little case study in Geylang Lorong 3
Source Back in 2017, we heard of the first plot of land to be taken