When it comes to investing, there are a couple of things to consider, such as knowing what are the right stocks to buy, researching on those companies, and catching up on market news, among others.

This can be especially daunting for complete beginners.

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The Singapore Exchange has just made life simpler for investors like you and me to invest in Singapore-listed companies…

… with the introduction of the brand new SGX Investor Portal.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored collaboration with SGX. We are writing this to inform our readers about the upcoming SGX Investor Portal.

SGX Investor Portal Seedly

SGX Investor Portal’s aim is to be a one-stop and mobile-friendly portal to support investors with their investment decisions.

SGX Investor Portal

Here, let us walk through the SGX Investor Portal from the shoes of John, a complete investing noob who’s looking to invest in Singapore stocks.

Source: Giphy

Helping John Select Stocks Using the SGX Investor Portal 

Once on the SGX Investor Portal, John can see things such as: