I would like to do more of complete portfolio update, as I realise that my past updates were abrupt and messy. I showed actual statements, without much background and explanation. I would like to do a good update to be more understandable to both new and savvy investors.

I’m actually not fully comfortable with showing my complete portfolio and net-worth, and I would never do it in my real life. However, I think its good that I share on bonds and leveraging, which are topics fairly unique in the Singapore blog universe. Its also a good exercise for me to think through the risk and return of my overall portfolio.

Leveraged Portfolio

I own 4 different bonds and an income fund :

Name Bought price Current Price Market Value
Temasek 3.625% 102.2 116.72 USD $290,000
Commerzbank 7% perpetual 106.85 92.11 USD $184,000
Credit Suisse 5.625% perpetual 103.25 98.02 SGD $245,000
HSBC 5% perpetual 104.4 95.43 SGD $237,500
Pimco Income Fund 4% 10.08 9.52 SGD $209,000
Correct as of 22 May 2020