This might be Money Maverick’s most controversial piece, yet. I get a message on Saturday, the 16th of May. 6 unread messages on LINE. I’m scrambling, I almost drop my phone. The last message received was on the 9th, a good 7 days. It reads:, ‘I should have electricity soon, on Tuesday.’ ,That was 5 days ago. 7 days without contact with my girlfriend. Not a message, a phone call – nothing. Manow lives in a rural village where electricity is powered by manual generators. The village has a history of flooding, reported cases of gun violence and pretty exposed to significantly higher wildlife-nature risks. But that’s not the worst of it. It started slow. The markets started to close earlier. Then, they were forced to close entirely. The people get really pissed. Every person in my girlfriend’s household makes money through the market, literally. Not the stock market. They