What Is Tiq 3-Year Endowment Plan ​ Tiq 3-year Endowment Plan is a single premium, non-participating life insurance savings plan.

It pays out a guaranteed benefit at maturity and has a

Guaranteed yield of 2.10%p.a!

There is NO unguaranteed portions like those in a PAR plan.

This plan requires no medical underwriting and is available for cash applications.

How much would you get?

Upon maturity, we will pay a lump sum amount equivalent to 106.43% of the single premium paid. $100,000 invested will be $106,430 after 3years. Minimum investment is $10,000. Below is a snapshot per $10,000.

Who Can Buy This Plan? You can purchase this plan if you fulfil the following criteria (please double check with ETIQA):Singapore Resident with a valid NRIC or FIN; orForeigner holding a valid Work Permit, Employment pass or Social pass.Between age 17 to 70 (age next