Total – S$3,910.27

Total expenses in April 2020 came up to S$3,910.27, at c. 97.8% of budgeted amounts. 
Largest category was gifts at S$2,223.00. This was largely attributed to a purchase of an iMac for my partner, given working at home full time on a laptop screen generally leads to squinty eyes and optical degeneration. 
And with the circuit breaker in play, Groceries came in second. Enough said on this. 
Third category was Eating Out. This is basically takeaway / delivery food items, with one massive memorable meal at New Ubin Seafood a couple of days before we received notice of the circuit breaker being imposed on us. That was absolutely delectable. 
Special mention to the fourth category – Alcohol. Haven’t seen this level of alcohol expenditure for quite some time, and this could be largely attributed (at 66% or so) to a one