Time passes by in a flash when we are devoting all of our time to Netflix and YouTube essential work and side hustle projects! It has been slightly over a month since I officially joined Mediavine and left Monumetric. I’m adding in an one-off Mediavine income report to supplement the quarterly alternative income report previously posted.

This post is probably going to be targeted more at existing bloggers or content creators and some of the terms I’m going to be using to be using is more relevant to this niche. If this is something that interests you or who knows, you’re going to be starting a blog and this would be really informative!

Once upon a time, I was with Google AdSense as well. The main problem I had with it was that it was primarily a pay-per-click arrangement. If people don’t click, then screen time is next to worthless. It was a huge problem because I would never click on an ad myself!