In my previous post, I wrote about the existence of Robo-Advisors in Singapore. I have actually tried a couple of them to evaluate their performances, and the plan is to eventually decide to stick to just one.

Anyway, I currently use 3 different Robo-Advisors: Stashaway, Syfe and MoneyOwl (though MoneyOwl doesn’t really brand itself a Robo-advisor.) Below, I will do a quick review of each of them!

First off, why should you even use Robo-Advisors? Well, for me I have the following reasons:

  1. It allows for Dollar-Cost Averaging with minimal fees
  2. It allows me to buy fractional shares and ETFs that I would otherwise be unable to purchase if I DIY due to its high capital requirement (especially for the US market)
  3. Most Robo-advisors have an automatic-rebalancing algorithm, which means that I don’t have to constantly monitor it. Losses should also be non-existent if kept for the long run (or at least that’s what was claime