A while ago, I ran a happy giveaway for one StocksCafe 1-year plan and the prize has been awarded to the lucky winner! So, let’s continue having more of the happy stuff and less of the gloomy stuff, yeah?

This is part of a series of 5 giveaways, and this second giveaway is going to be from running from 1st June to 14th June 2020. Felt that the previous one was a little too long in duration, so I’m cutting it down to two weeks instead for this round.

The one StocksCafe 1-year plan at the current rate of $39/user/year, that’s a pretty worthwhile gift to receive! 🙂

In the past, I have peppered my blog posts with StocksCafe charts like this ..

.. so it shouldn’t be something new to you.

If StocksCafe is new to you, StocksCafe is a suite of tools that help me to invest better