May is ending and along with it goes a couple of good promos. Midnight tonight is the final chance to potentially get $300 of rebate on your bills, and you can even get $150 if you’re not one of the first 50 to successfully get a UOB card. Also, free AirPods (the more expensive wireless charging version) if you are new to StanChart and apply successfully for one of their cards

Remember to apply at midnight, and in the order of UOB One followed by UOB Amex PRVI Miles. If your UOB One application is one of the first 50 successful ones, you get $300 on that, followed by $100 on your Amex PRVI Miles! Even if you don’t get within the first 50, it’s $50 for your UOB One card, and $100 for your Amex PRVI Miles.