In my previous article “Singtel share price in nuclear meltdown”, I predicted that Singtel share price will collapse upon the announcement of a dividend cut. Indeed, Singtel share price plummeted upon the release of full-year financial result for FY2020 which saw full-year dividend being reduced to 12.25 cents. This is the lowest dividend since FY2005.

Singtel share price to swim or sink with coronavirus?

Singtel share price in double trouble

Singtel share price faces disaster

Many analysts may argue that it is the poor financial performance that wrecked Singtel share price. To this end, I do not disagree. Group revenue declined 5% while net profit crashed 65% year-on-year. However, most of the shareholders of Singtel are long-term investors and I honestly doubt that they are spooked by the financial result. It should be the massive cut in dividend that scared the living daylight out of investors.