Portfolio and Blog Update – May 2020
By Derek  •  June 1, 2020
Apart from work and family, my remaining time is spent on finance/investment and my blog. While I lament about it, it also forces me to think how I can work more efficiently. One key area that I would like to reduce my time on is investing and that is where Rob Advisors comes in. I have created two portfolios – one for my child’s education fund and the other is a retirement fund for my wife and me. More details here.
My Little One Portfolio (MoneyOwl) Start Date: May 2020 Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Fixed Income Investment Amount: $300 a month My Sweetheart and I Portfolio (Endowus) - Processing Start Date: Jun 2020 Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Bonds Investment Amount: $300 a month Let's Beat CPF-OA I/R (Endowus) - Processing Start Date: Jun 2020 Allocation: 80% Equities, 20% Bonds Investment Amount: $5,000 (One-time) Quick thoughts on Endowus VS MoneyOwl:
  • Account opening require 3 to 5 business days but MoneyOwl is almost immediate.
  • The interface is much sleeker than MoneyOwl but I was ‘lost’ on what to do after my account is opened. I think this is due to Endowus requiring a minimum sum. MoneyOwl looks plain but it gets the job done.
Lazy Man Portfolio - Rebooting Perhaps it is a habit, but I am still updating my excel spreadsheet when I am already using StocksCafe. Going forward I am only going to rely on StocksCafe to track my stocks portfolio.
  • No transactions made in the month of May.
  • Received Dividends from DBS.
I will be signing up for Christopher’s Early Retirement Masterclass. It may seem counter intuitive as I want to reduce my time spent on investing. However, I believe the value of this course lies in their community where Christopher and his students continue to be active and engaged. With a collective effort, the time spent on maintaining the portfolio will be greatly reduced. The community may open new ideas and opportunities for my blog too.
Blog Update I have a long to do list to boast my site rankings and increase performance. This include implementing HTTPS, fixing broken link, optimizing images etc. I will be implementing HTTPS in early June and I expect some disruptions. I have been talking to a few bloggers to start a channel where readers can interact with them. The channel will either be housed in my blog or in StocksCafe where readers can use the tools offered by them. I am still trying to think how I can best accommodate everyone to create a win-win-win. Any ideas are welcomed.
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By Derek
Derek is an investor who follows Peter Lynch style of investing. He prefers to use simple and straight forward information for stock analysis. He started with the intention to bring together all bloggers and professionals who are interested or already in the area of Finance and Investing, and to create a community where everyone is free to write and to share their articles, experience and opinions.

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  1. KH says:

    Out of all the investing courses out there, why did you pick the ERM class? Because recommendations from friends, past students etc? The course fees are not cheap though.

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