Apart from work and family, my remaining time is spent on finance/investment and my blog. While I lament about it, it also forces me to think how I can work more efficiently.

One key area that I would like to reduce my time on is investing and that is where Rob Advisors comes in. I have created two portfolios – one for my child’s education fund and the other is a retirement fund for my wife and me. More details here.

My Little One Portfolio (MoneyOwl)

Start Date: May 2020

Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Fixed Income

Investment Amount: $300 a month

My Sweetheart and I Portfolio (Endowus) – Processing

Start Date: Jun 2020

Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Bonds

Investment Amount: $300 a month

Let’s Beat CPF-OA I/R (Endowus) – Processing

Start Date: Jun 2020

Allocation: 80% Equities, 20% Bonds

Investment Amount: $5,000 (One-time)

Quick thoughts on Endowus VS MoneyOwl:

  • Account opening require 3 to 5 business days but MoneyOwl is almost immediate.
  • The interface is much sleeker than MoneyOwl but I was ‘lost’ on what to do after my account is opened. I think this is due to Endowus requiring a minimum sum. MoneyOwl looks plain but it gets the job done.

Lazy Man Portfolio – Rebooting

Perhaps it is a habit, but I am still updating my excel spreadsheet when I am already using StocksCafe. Going forward I am only going to rely on StocksCafe to track my stocks portfolio.

  • No transactions made in the month of May.
  • Received Dividends from DBS.

I will be signing up for Christopher’s Early Retirement Masterclass. It may seem counter intuitive as I want to reduce my time spent on investing. However, I believe the value of this course lies in their community where Christopher and his students continue to be active and engaged. With a collective effort, the time spent on maintaining the portfolio will be greatly reduced. The community may open new ideas and opportunities for my blog too.

Blog Update

I have a long to do list to boast my site rankings and increase performance. This include implementing HTTPS, fixing broken link, optimizing images etc. I will be implementing HTTPS in early June and I expect some disruptions.

I have been talking to a few bloggers to start a channel where readers can interact with them. The channel will either be housed in my blog or in StocksCafe where readers can use the tools offered by them. I am still trying to think how I can best accommodate everyone to create a win-win-win. Any ideas are welcomed.

Featured Image credit: Iyan Ha