Endowus and PIMCO, one of our key fund management partners, discuss an overview of the global macroeconomic environment and credit markets, as well as updates on the PIMCO funds in the Endowus portfolios.

2:30 Introduction to Endowus 11:18 Introduction to PIMCO 19:30 Economic Outlook by PIMCO 25:39 Brief on PIMCO funds 28.40 QnA 53.56 Opportunities in emerging markets 1:04:00 QnA Extracted QnA answered by our PIMCO guests speakers Q: The equity markets have rebounded sharply. Has the Fed central banks policies removed bulk of the risks associated with the Fixed Income markets? PIMCO: We agree that there is a sharp rebound in the equities market but we observe that the fixed income market has seen price rebound. We believe there is more opportunities in fixed incomes. Bond spread is still at the wide relative to pre-crisis drawdown. The Fed has supported high quality corporate