A couple of weeks ago, one of my marketing team actually highlighted an article that was about bagging a top or good insurance agent in Singapore.

So I browsed it. I thought, ‘Meh’.

…And then it turns out I WROTE THE ARTICLE.

My team had sent it through a sub-link [e.g. how Finance.sg and Feedspot will sometimes feature my articles] and I DID NOT RECOGNIZE IT.

(I am a total loser)

So. That was a little embarrassing. 2 years of additional experience really changes a lot.

Seeing as this article existed, and I have the benefit of another year and a half of experiences and time from which I wrote this article, I thought that I would write a little sequel, a little upgrade.

1) Addressing Conflict of Interest.

The Answer To: “How to ensure I don’t get screwed over by a greedy agent?”

The number one way to really make sure you have a really great insurance agent is someone who organically always brings up the conflict of interest and wants to make it a priority to deal with.