My dividend portfolio from REIT and O&G counters finally take a toll from dividend suspension and dividend cut. In addition, selling off some of my riskier high yield stocks and re-balancing into low yield investment grade bonds have vastly reduced my dividend return. As a result, May2020 registered the lowest dividend I have collected in the last 3 years.
I am glad that I keep on postponing my retirement till 50s+. I learned that my dividend income portfolio is no guarantee of a retirement income that can be sustained in major crisis like 2008 GFC or 2020 CV. Right now, I have transit to mainly cash and bond portfolio which have interest payment that is enough to cover my expense for a long time.If everything else fail, at least CPF payout is only 10+ years away when one retire at 50+ years old.

The only positive in May2020 is that my liquid networth has recovered another 2.5% and my current investment portfolio is