Hi All, what a great week, stock market seems to be on steroids after the 22nd May 2020 rout (HSI, SSE, STI). Again, showing how news can be pessimistic one day and turning optimistic in the span of less than 2 weeks. It is important to keep an independent view of the market rather than get swayed by headlines.

Also, would like to take this opportunity to thank NextInsight (a hub for serious investors) for sharing EngineerInvest articles and my personal story. We are thankful that our first article “10% Dividend Small Cap Stock & a Potential Multibagger” managed to rank top of the Most Read List. Well done to the reader who emailed me that he managed to buy it cheaper than my $0.79 buy price. Great job!! Share price has surged more than 17% at this point of writing (and this is excluding the dividend yields return). Do note that the article was published on 16th May 2020. Currently, it has already passed Ex-D date on 21st May 2020. I can’t predict the market but my guess is that there might be some pullback soon after 3 days of continuous big gains.