Unconditional cards are pretty unexciting with their generally low earn rates, but with DBS Altitude’s free lounge access and the chance to clock 3 mpd on flight/accommodation expenses, this card is an indispensable part of a mile chaser’s card portfolio. Cashback people won’t say no to free lounge visits either.

Provider DBS
Type Unconditional Miles
Earn Rate – 1.2 mpd on local spend
– 3 mpd for online flight & hotel expenses
Limits Generally unlimited; $5,000 per month for flight & hotel expenses


New to bank
$200 cashback
Use links from this site and enter code FLASH200

At 1.2 mpd, this would be far from your first card to put spending on since 4 mpd cards exist. However, when the situation arises and you can’t meet the requirements of high-earn 4 mpd cards, DBS Altitude comes in really handy.

For instance, if you have a sizeable flight or hotel expense, your 4 mpd CitiRewards doesn’t work (travel expenses are excluded).