How’s it going guys?

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been following and reading this platform, especially the regular ones – I’ve received a lot of very kind words from many of you and it’s very encouraging to hear them personally – one even asked me to start a YouTube channel soon (you know who you are!)

Since starting Betterspider as a side project in mid-2018 with literally no audience, we have more than 140K spiders crawling this site with nothing spent on marketing. I’m very happy you guys like the content!

I guess most of us have similar goals in mind – we all aspire to be financially free and be able to live our lives whole-fully without being shackled by debts and liabilities.

There’s also this FIRE movement going on about being financially independent and retiring early. It’s encouraging to see more in the local community interested in this topic so there are more ideas to bounce off each other in future!