If you missed out on the recent stock rally and are suffering from FOMO hangover, an indirect way to still participate in it is to refinance or reprice your home loan. In March 2020, the US Federal Reserve reduced the benchmark interest rate to between 0% -0.25% to resurrect the flailing US economy. As a result, the borrowing costs for Singapore banks have fallen dramatically as well. Savers would have already experienced this effect since the interest rates for the various flagship savings products had all fallen in tandem. Hoping to exact some measure of revenge, Heartland Boy began to actively monitor the various mortgage packages and deals offered by the financial institutions (‘FI’) during the Circuit Breaker. This month, he finally made the decision to switch out of his HDB loan. Here is the account of how I easily saved over $14,000 in interest expense by refinancing my home loan, with the entire application process taking less than an hour!