Some money experts have advised people to save in a bank account that they have no easy access to (i.e. no ATM cards) to reduce the probability of them spending that money.
But often people would come out with “justifications” like “I need a car for work”, “I need to renovate my home”, or the most common one, “I need to fund my child’s education”.

But these are not good reasons for you to dip into your retirement savings!
Yes, including your child’s education!
Your retirement is more important than their education.
On the same note, we may feel restricted by the idea that we cannot touch our retirement (CPF) money, but this is not just a Singapore thing.
Many retirement plans/pensions in other countries, as well as most insurance plans you buy, also do not allow you to withdraw any time you feel like it.
It is called “prudent retirement planning”.
But, like most people,