During this Circuit Breaker, I had wanted to pick up a skill. Similarly, for the longest time, I had been discussing with my friend on starting an Udemy course to share about REITs investing. Well, the profits people get from Udemy can be up to six-figures as seen on Youtube.

Passive income
It will be so good! You just have to spend a few months to create a course, and you get to enjoy passive income for the rest of your life!

Well, after some thought, it doesn’t gel well with my personal beliefs. I deliberated for weeks and thought, this should not be done with money as the end goal. At least, not the initial phases.

I do not believe in Udemy
Udemy is a great platform and is skills-future applicable if I recall correctly. However, have you tried attending any Udemy course before? It is either poor quality, standard scripted lectures, and that