I’m not sure when this started.
I realized I started having difficulty talking with many people on a deeper level.
It’s like… a different frequency.

I would feel that, personally, I have a range of interests. Like, I like learning about luxury products, even though I don’t buy them, I like cars, guns, the universe, science topics, cooking topics, games… etc… I don’t really like media and entertainment…

So I thought that having a conversation with people would be easy, but as I grew older, I found it harder and harder…
Cos… Thing is… there really isn’t much to talk about.
Or at least to me, I feel there’s very little to say.

You see, I don’t like to talk about things that “cannot be helped” or out of my control.
So when people talk about climate change, or politics… Ok, I have some opinions, but… so what?
2 people talking or 10 people having a discussion won’t change