I must say i really missed the days teaching face to face in school. It is the 3rd week, and I realise there is no other place beyond my home I want to be.

These days, I try to avoid the air-conditioned staffroom, because a “running nose” is big problem nowsaday (I have sensitive airway).  I was looking for an empty class in the afternoon, I strangely just went into my previous form class instead of my current form class. I realised I have not bonded with my new class of 2 months (Redeployed in the middle of a term), and as I sat down in the classroom marking, memories of the FTGP actitvies i did with my pupils flash in my mind. The fun and laughter we had.

I know I sound silly, but I always feel that the pupils in the top class can never appreciate my antics and my