Class of 2020: Yikes

“Fresh graduates need not worry if they accept a low salary at their first job, it will have a dampening effect on their pay throughout the rest of their careers.”

TodayOnline article on low starting salary
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A recent TodayOnline article might have caused a bit of a disagreement in the online community by stating that:

  • Low starting salary will not affect your earning power in future
  • Applicants need not declare their last-drawn salaries and that employers cannot insist that they do so

While many have caught on the wave voiced their opinion and disagree with the above statement, little has offered any proper advice on the way forward.

All talk no action
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Congrats on adding more negativity to the already worrying job market.

Singapore's total employment
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Now what?

Keeping It Real

Here are some cold hard facts that we need to recognise.