After we published our article on the topic of essential workers, a reader of Seedly reached out to us to provide some clarity on the issue of migrant workers.

As we thought that what was presented was very informative and would value-add our readers, we decided to share some points which were brought up by him.

To provide some context, the reader’s father is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) construction company operator, and wishes to provide some insights from their point of view.

We wish to share this with our Seedly community, a platform that also always encourages the sharing of opinions and information.

All information is from the point of view of the reader.

Salaries of Migrant Workers

A recent Straits Times article revealed $1200 per month as the median monthly salary for a construction worker.

This is the salary after including overtime (OT) pay.

As with all OT pay, if a worker works more, he will be paid more.