1 year has passed, I do not expect myself to have come so far since I surrendered my IC. For the past one year, I feel my National Service experience has been very eventful, having been vocationalised twice. My initial vocation was Transport Operator (Service) but that vocation was short-lived as I OOC-ed in the end due to medical condition. As a PES E personnel, I have never expected myself to be a Transport Operator and the experience I had was really quite pleasant less those nasty instructors.

I have been in my current unit since October 2019. I really like my stay in the unit as my superior recognises and appreciates my contribution to the office, in which I receive my promotion on time. In addition, I have made great friends with my unit’s personnel, this makes NS more bearable. I won’t really say that I enjoy National Service or that I hate it. I am treating it as