With all this talk about GE2020 going on.

And all the various parties unveiling their prospective candidates left and right.

Some of you might be thinking.

Aiya, now job market so bad.

Then Member of Parliament (MP) pay like not bad

SpongeBob Drops Mop And Is Happy
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Why don’t I become a Member of Parliament (MP) candidate too?”

Erm… sure.

It’s gonna cost you though.

Am I Qualified to Become a Member of Parliament?

First, you need to be qualified to run as a prospective MP candidate during GE2020.

You gotta be:

  1. A Singapore citizen
  2. 21 years old and above on Nomination Day
  3. Registered as an elector in the current Registers of Electors
  4. Resident in Singapore for more than 10 years
  5. Not subject to any disqualifications specified in Article 45 of the Constitution of Republic of Singapore
  6. Possess a sufficient degree of proficiency in spoken English, Malay, Mandarin or Tamil

FYI: Nomination Day is 30 June 2020