I’m 23 this year and saved some money. How should I invest? Great question. Many people asked me this. So i thought, instead of telling, why don’t I show. Jill(not her real name) came up to me asking what she should do with $10k sitting in the bank. Background Jill is 23 this year. She graduated from a local university in 2019, and managed to get a job in the tech industry. During her 8 months working, she managed to save close to $10k. With that money in the bank, she asked me what to do with it. She doesn’t want this pile of money to sit in the bank and rot. In fact, she wants to make her money work hard for her. What should Jill do? This is my advice to her, 3 things she should do: Firstly, she should have a 6-12 months savings buffer