It is the end of June with all mandatory contributions in for the month.

OA to SA transfer for the month of June is also completed. SA balance currently stands at $107,057.49, slightly more than half of 2020 FRS or 59.1% of the journey.

In the current climate, it is better to have more cash on hand, though not for spending but for possible investment into stocks with higher potential for a better yield or capital gain. As such, there are 3 key takeaways for myself:

  1. Housing loan monthly installment is fully paid-up with CPF OA funds. This was versus transferring all to SA just a few months back for 4% p.a. interest.
  2. Hold off monthly contribution or RSTU to my SA to keep cash on hand.
  3. SA is still receiving the monthly contribution from employer and partially from OA to SA transfer (after taking into account housing loan monthly commitment)